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    During the operation of the anti-wrinkle domestic tumble dryer, if the door is opened, the dryer automatically alarms and emits a “drip” sound, which continuously sounds for 10 seconds.
    In the alarm state, the machine does not heat, the motor does not run, and the program is in a pause state.
    After the door is closed, the alarm state will be released. Press the start button and the dryer will continue to run for the rest of the original program.
    characteristic of Beautiful Cat tumble dryer
    type of dryertumble dryer
    drying typevented
    air wayback vented
    controlcomputer type
    drying programextra,standard,air drying
    type of motorInduction motor
    Energy efficiency ratingnone
    Open the door and power offyes
    Maximum timing range150mins
    inner bucketstainless steel
    product dimensions(mm)600*480*680
    packing dimensions(mm)725*565*740
    Stacking layer limit4
    heating methodPTC
    rated power1500W
    net weight(kg)26
    gross weight(kg)29
    water containing rate after drying鈮わ紩锛?/p>
    Bar code6972366466599
    packing listdryer x1
    Instruction manual x1
    Warranty Card x1
    back vented guide tube x1
    About us
    Shanghai Beautiful Cat Environment Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is a domestic appliance enterprise dedicated to the research, development, manufacture, sales of household tumble dryers. The company has a team of professional technicians and management personnel who have experienced in the domestic large-scale home appliance enterprises. With advanced quality inspection and control methods, scientific management and high market awareness, the company has gradually won the favor of many domestic and foreign customers. The products are exported to Australia, America, Europe and Africa. Due to the excellent technology: the products get certifications such as CQC, CE, CB, and Australian EPCS. 8000 square meters of modern own factory. 10 years of OEM processing experience and its own technology.
    From October of 2016, the product sales to all over the world. We build the long cooperation with customers Hisense銆?CHIGO銆?CTT銆丼WISS銆丆OSTWAY銆丒CDRY銆乊uenan銆丮edusa銆丠afele銆乮vation銆丒LEGEN, etc.
    You can consult a series of pre-sale, sale, and after-sales questions through 400-181-6767 or online customer service.
    Customer’s common questions and answers:
    1锛欴oes the machine need to be installed to use it? The tumble dryer does not need to be installed, it can be used when plugged in, which is very convenient.
    2锛欻ow long does it take to dry clothes? T-shirts and other thin clothes can dry out in 30 minutes, sweaters are about 60 minutes, and large clothes such as jackets are dried for a long time, the time for drying clothes is affected by the temperature and water content rate after washer dehydrate.
    3锛欰fter drying, can you put it on right away? The 20 minutes before drying is to cool and wrinkle. The dried clothes are not hot, no wrinkles, and you can wear soft and fluffy clothes right away.
    4锛歐ill dry clothes be crumpled?20 minutes before the end of drying is cooling and wrinkle removal, the dried clothes will be very flat.
    5锛欳an the dryer be stacked directly on the washing machine? Our machines can be stacked directly on the washing machine.
    6锛欼s the sound loud when the dryer is working?The noise of the in-line dryer is a bit. As long as it is the sound of the exhaust, the noise is about 58-62 decibels, which is similar to the noise of the washing machine.
    7锛歐here is the water vapor going?Directly discharged indoors, it is generally recommended to be placed in the bathroom or balcony, or you can connect the extension tube to the outside.
    8锛欻ow to clean the machine?The filter or filter net should be dismantled and cleaned separately after use, and the shavings inside can be removed to ensure the next drying effect and prevent cross infection.
    9锛欴oes drying cause damage to clothing?Will it become brittle and hard?The machine has triple temperature protection to ensure that it is always dried at 65 掳C. Finally, the cold wind wrinkles, not only will not damage the clothes, the clothes after drying will restore the original fluffy and soft, better than the sun drying.
    10锛欻ow soon it can be deliver once the order placed?When we receive the order, we will inform the production department to arrange production at the first time. Our daily output value is 500-600 units.Domestic Tumble Dryer factory