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    Product Parameter:
    Product Name: Urine bag outlet valve
    Application: For urine bag outlet use
    Material: medical grade PVC/PE/PP
    Advantages and characteristics:
    1. For urine bag outlet part;
    2. For urine leak;
    3. Always used in two outlets urine bag;
    4. Easy to handle by one hand;
    5. No leak when lock;
    6. Can be used on economy urine bag or luxury urine bag.
    1. Which outlet type do you sell mostly?
    T or cross outlet is most welcome.
    2. Which one is the cheapest type?
    Push&pull outlet is the cheapest among them.
    3. How do you pack for the part?
    Always bulk package, with two inner plastic bags inside and pack outside with the carton.
    1. By air
    2. By land
    3. By train
    4. By sea
    Any way, it depends on customerDisposable Medical Parts Free Sample