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    Standard Material
    Polyurethane PU
    * Other material combinations can be customized
    according to working conditions.
    Product Introduction
    The JBUN seal is a single acting piston and rod seal with double lip, suitable for light and medium duty hydraulic reciprocating system.
    Small compression deformation
    High extrusion resistance
    Excellent wear resistance
    Easy to install
    Tear resistance
    No effect on heavy load and piston rod bending
    Application Suggestion
    JBUN piston and rod seal has been widely used in various industrial fields, such as mobile machinery, light industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, injection molding machines, forklifts, cranes, autos, forestry and mining machinery. It also has good mechanical properties under harsh working conditions.
    Operating Condition
    SpeedPressureTemperatureMediaSupplied Diameter
    0.5m/s0-35Mpa-45℃~110℃Petroleum-based hydraulic oil, flame retardant hydraulic oil5mm-400mm
    Technical Drawing
    Specification List
    * Further specifications on request,we also supply turning products or semi-finished products.
    1. Are you seal manufacturer or trading company?
    We are manufacturer of hydraulic seals located in Guangzhou,China.
    2. What colors are your u rings?
    The performance of this material is stable, and polyurethane materials with different hardness can be selected according to working conditions.
    3. Can you produce seals according to my machine working conditions?
    Yes,please provide the operating conditions like temperature/speed/pressure/media…We will recommend proper seal solutions accordingly.
    4. What’s your general packing method of PU seals?
    Our general packing method of PU seals is total sealed poly bag with label,then proper quantity to a carton.Piston Rod Seals