Digital Tools

Well digital tools are a new form of learning and a new method for storing history. Before, we were able to discover this encyclopedia of knowledge that is the internet, what did we have? Books and storytellers. Now, we turn on our computer and a whole universe of knowledge is at our fingertips. Digital tools have helped us put history back into our lives. And by putting history online, we are saving this history for everyone else. What I put up digitally online will be there forever for others to read and access. In this sense anyone can add to digital history and enhance it even if it’s in a wiki format. Everything is being logged and is creating a larger online universe. Everyone who participates digitally is also creating and enhancing the knowledge that is already there. We are, each one of us, leaving a digital footprint which is adding to the footprint that is already there and all this information will be stored and kept digitally forever really. I find this amazing. It is a collaboration and a collection of knowledge for everyone whether by an academic or by an ordinary person. We are saving history online. We are saving the past (history) to enable it to be accessed even more in the future. This rocks! The internet is basically a massive database that we are all actively adding to ourselves and by so doing, creating a bigger and broader database each time we add something digitally ourselves.

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