margaret mead

I have chosen my own name, Margaret Meade, for my domain name. I did this because I want to become famous – digitally, at least. I want to leave behind a name for myself.

There was once a very famous anthropologist in America in the 20th century called “Margaret Mead”. I was always inspired by her fame as a child. My grandmother was also named “Margaret Meade” and honestly, it is a name to be proud of. I would like my name to be known all over the world for my poetry and my radio documentaries.

I would like to think when I am dead and gone that I will have left behind a whole new digital culture of my own. I want the name “Margaret Meade” to be recognised as an Irish poet/radio broadcaster from Cork, Ireland for as long as we have living digital culture on Earth.

Now, less of the blog and more of the academic research…